Lawrence, Kansas

Having purchased the $4800 950's miracle ear hearing aids in 2008 my second set of hearing aids since 2004. They gave me another hearing test at this time so they supposedly could "program" the aids specifically for my hearing losses.

The hearing aids never worked properly...ever. One Tech even tried to "talk" me into agreeing they were working. LOL. My only show of feeble mindedness was when I purchase the 2nd.

set of miracle aids. I had them send the aids back to their factory to have them worked on and the replacements came back with NO programming and through the years bad went to worse. Finally after 3 years of only wearing the aids maybe 10% of that time because they never worked, a new technician was brought into the office at Sears but only one day a week; Jerri was the only one that took the time to make sure the aids were working properly for me and made sure the program was installed properly. The right one maintained the program, the left one lost it soon after, they charged me around $250 or $300 per to have them "repaired".

I went by their Sears office booth, but it had been closed and they had moved to another city 45 minutes away no big deal but again the office was only manned one day a week. I tried to contact that office a few weeks ago and received no answer not even a recording. I recently purchased a set of hearing aids online they were delivered through the mail. They are outside the ear and I have worn them the past 7 days and they work!

I bought them from Walmart! No tech, no hearing test and I can hear great. They cost me less than a $1000 (2) they are comfortable, they don't make me feel like I am listening underwater to conversations. I think Miracle Ear is the least guided towards consumers there is and all they care about is selling another set of hearing aids.

They don't care if they work or not. Believe me Miracle Ear hearing aids are NO MIRACLE!

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

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A buddy of mine is in need of some hearing aids I think. Is there a place that gives hearing tests that you know of that are pretty cheap or maybe free? I've heard of Chears Audiology being a great place.


please tell me more

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