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Irecieved a letter from my empty 12 years after I had found it I had a hearing loss in 2011. I went to Miracle Ear at the Tacoma mall.

My mother and I looked at some hearing aids. The woman that ran the store name was Leona. The aids were ITC in the canal. The price was 3900 dollars.

I had just lost me house because I was so late on me mortgage payments 6 months with no way to pay it in 2010. So pretty much my credit was well in the middle of 500 credit rating. I owed my mother so much money I was trying to pay her back what I owed her what my ex wife owed her and my children. Anyhow when I went there in 2012 I was doing well financially and my mother was going to take it out her savings and I'd pay us back but I was told at Sears the Miracle Ear had moved to another location.

So I went there in 2012 with my mother and looked at a pair of CIC completely in the canal hearing aids. They were 3200 dollars due on delivery. That was around my birthday I believe it was the day after my Birthday September 26th 2012. The hearing aids cost 3200 dollars.

In 2013 I went in for normal cleaning schedule complained about the hearing aides Serena who had sold us the CIC aids that my mother paid in cash for and I paid her back every month she said why don't you try a pair of open ear open aids. So I said I'd try them with a 30 money back guarantee. The paperwork we have and they show as returned the price was 3140 dollars did not like them so I returned them after receipt. I started having problems in 2015.

Serena had left there was an elderly woman I had never seen there she was supposed to help me. My right aid had been broken and I had just recieved their monthly news letter in which it a gentle man with in warranty coverage with the 15 dollar a month well actually a little over 14 that covered in warranty aids with the 12 dollar My Essentials plan who had lost one of his hearing aids and did not have to pay anything for a new pair because the My Essentials plan which I paid by automatic deposit starting on May 4th 2014 when my hearing aids were not even 2 years old. Serena convinced me to get it. So I showed the woman the article and she said mine were out of warranty that's why I had to pay 500.

We disagreed and a short shouting match insued. I went home went to the bank and asked when my automatic withdrawal started for the plan and yep 14+ a month starting may 4 4th 2014. So anyhow a year had passed and I was having trouble with my hearing aid. I had Fraud on my card so they sent me a new one.

Same # just different code on back so I notified every company that uses that card for auto withdrawal including the my essentials plan extended warranty for Miracle Ear which also states that if your aid is under 5 years old same thing hold true. So I went in to see the elderly woman with My Essentials plan paper. I said I'm going to be very polite but first I want to say something. I told her I had a nervous breakdown in 1999 due to work related incidents while I was still on the government rolls.told her I suffered from depression and a couple other mental health issue and have no short term memory.

I said but my long term memory is superb and I might have one or two business related conversations a week while she had dozens a day and I even had the conversation written down. So I did I'm going to tell you word for word out quotation marks around it if you'll just be quiet for a few minutes I opened my mouth and she yelled I know what I said don't try and tell me. Then she proceeds to tell me My Essentials program had been cancelled due to non payment for 2 months. I said I have not recieved one notification I called them and have them all the new info.

She said if I wanted it repaired I was going to have to sign up for the 21+ dollar a month plan which only covers repairs and my aids were still under 5 years old she's yelling I scream I'm going to sue this company not just for the cost of new aids but for mental anguish and I stormed out the door. Within half an hour I recieved a call from a woman from Miracle Ear I asked who she was she said she was the owner. Could I come in the next day and work this out. So I showed up she said she was going to have it repaired for me for free but she wanted to show me that I had purchased them in 2011.

It was the same piece of paper that Leona from Sears had signed with itc in the canal aids but with Serena's signature on it. Same price 3900 dollars 48 month financed. I couldn't believe it what a scam. I said I purchased mine in September 2012 and she goes no here the paperwork from the over the ear model for 3040 showing I had returned them.

I asked where was the paperwork from 2012 where we payed cash for the cic completely in the canal aids for 3200. Nice tactic she knows we payed cash there for no paper trail after 5 years and we don't keep paperwork after 3 years my mother and I and she was an accountan her entire working life. So she took my left hearing aid blue in color with my last name and first initial on the bottom of what says MECIC don't know what the ME stand for but the CIC stands for completely in the canal therefore I could not have bought my aids in 2011.They sent it out for a simple repair and cleaning. Before they sent it out I went to talk to the woman that I had the adjustment aurguement with to give her the hearing aid I went back there was a man there that said he was from up north about 30 miles away and just filling in for the day.

About a month later I get a call come pick it up guess who's there the man that was just filling in for a day. So I tried putting it in with the little cord you pull it out with on the top like both my aids had been on the top it won't go in. He says here let me help and turns it around with the cord on the bottom I tell him this is not my hearing aid but tells me yes it is. So I look on the side the serial# is not the same and my last name first initial are not there and I told him its looks brand new and he says no they just cleaned it it's the same one so I ask where's my name at this point he doesn't say another word so I ask him again where's my aid and he still doesn't say anything.

So I'm really pissed off and thinking well that's one thing less he can prove in a lawsuit so I go to the receptionist and tell not ask that I want to meet with the owner she says I'll let her know. A few weeks go by and she calls and says the owner thinks it would be better if you called Customer Service. So I figure I still have one hearing aid left with the correct serial# and it says cic completely in the canal with my last name and first initial of my first name in gold on it. Oh let me back track I thought who could I trust to be honest with me so I Get Serena's# where's she works now.

She's not in and instead of calling me from the office phone she calls me from their 800 customer care call center. So I'm excited and I tell her what happened and how the guy told me it was my old aid and I left no message about why I was calling and she matter of factly says it's a new hearing aid made from your old mold of you ear shape and asks me if I need anything else. OK now I have to ask those that read this because I cannot prove it other than my mother and a few friends saw me after this. There are certain times for reasons I'll leave out that I have to give myself injections in the stomach for a couple weeks.

So hears the question who believes that big business runs our government and this is a factual statement. When I inject myself I might get a little bump and a small bruise normally nothing though. Anyhow on Thursday the 3rd of August I gave myself my last shot. By Saturday about noon I had a bump where I injected myself about 2 inches high and 3 inches in circumference.

It was not all black and blue but it was a circle in the middle of the black and blue mark that was about 3 or more inches round and it was yellow. I have to have a mursa swab done to the inside of both my nostrils before I start my injection because I had it once in 2005 on my chin so I think there's a good possibility that it might be mursa because I wasn't checked before. So I go to urgent care between 5pm and 6pm normally there busiest hours and this was on a Saturday you usually have to wait 2 to 5 hours to be seen. I was called back in less than 45 minutes conicidence or lucky?

The nurse checks me out tells me to take my shirt off and put a gown on and I always say I wear Dentures and hearing aids should I take those out she says sure go ahead. Few minutes the doctor comes in and looks at it and says don't think it's mursa but we should probably do a cat scan just to see what's under the skin and I agree I've had plenty of CT scans in my life. Then she gets all worried looking and says they have to inject you with dye and it can have all kinds of bad side effects and I tell her I've had a few dozen and I've never had one side affect let's do this. She thinks for a moment I know sounds James Bondish lol.

So she takes something out of a sterile pack and I'm thinking it's a needle it's a permanent marker? she says I'm going to draw a circle around it and I tell her better not be a magic marker. So she draws her circle. Waits for a few minutes and says I'm going to get a picture of this and I say good idea an x ray she says no I'm going to have or photographer take a picture.

She gets some cream and wipes the circle off and leaves but before she goes I say I hope she's a good photographer. So I'm waiting and I think about it wasn't funny a minute ago but now I'm starting to laugh and I'm laughing harder and louder by the time the woman comes in to take the picture I've got tears running down the side of my face. I think she's going to have some expensive camera but she's got like a little red digital camera and I'm still laughing and she asks me if I was the person she could here laughing from the front desk and I tell her yes. Anyhow the doctor comes back in and now I'm confused and my head is numb.

She draws the circle again and says keep an eye on it come back Monday if it gets worse. I put my hearing aids on and think I don't know if I'm alright to drive. I go to where my goddaughter works and everybody takes a look at me and my Godaughter and another woman make me sit down. They think I might be dehydrated and my Godaughter tells me my pupils look like little pin holes.

So they take me inside and make me drink a bunch of water and try talking to me but I'm really confused now understand I'm not saying anybody did or gave me anything. So I get up to go home cause I take care of my 95yr old mother and I get worried when I'm gone to long but they don't want me to drive. I go to itch my right ear that's when I realize that hearing aid is missing. So I call up urgent care to tell them they didn't give me my other hearing aid but it says their closed.

Anyhow I tell everyone to just leave me alone I'm confused and I need to get home. I check everywhere go through the car 3 or more times check my jacket and pants pocket can't find it and I leave. So I get home and my mom asks me what's a matter with me but all I can do is say I don't know where my hearing aid is at. Then she asks me if I've taken my anxiety medicine yet and I say no go to get my jacket and I can't find it.

Go out check the car no where to be found. Never did find the hearing aid but found my jacket. My point is I don't know if they have that kind of influence but they did intentionally change out my left heading Aid in my opinion they forged Sarenas name on that document_saying I bought my hearing aids in 2011 when I know the year type and price of the hearing aids Leona showed me in 2011 at the store in Sears and you can see on the copy they gave me 2 hole outlines from a book you would put a record or document to be filed away that they tried to hide with their business stamp and their was no tracking# no payment info at time of pickup and no sheets showing the day and date of when they were picked up signed by anyone. Also no one would have sold me anything worth 4000 thousand dollars in 2011 even if I put my Toyota Tacoma up and my mother signed.

But when we did by them in 2012 which we can't prove my mother did have to sign into payment was made upon pickup on October 21 2012. The aids there claiming I bought in 2011 never showed a estimated delivery date or any signatures showing they were even picked up much less paid for. They'll sell you then even give you almost 50 percent promo and their rude and inefficient. They never once cleaned out my auditory canal like they were supposed to or hearing tests occasionally to check for change everything that their supposed to do at a check up their supposed to enter into the book you keep I don't have one entry in my book sounds like a long range plan cause they would have to sign and date every entry.

You want better heading aids for the same price become a member of Costco you can choose from 4 different companies that make aids. That's where I'm going Tuesday and buying new ones and God this almost sounds paranoid but after Miracle I'm taking photos of all my documents!

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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