Greenville, South Carolina
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at least two months ago i took my mothers hearing aid in to the greenvile sc office to have them repair the battery door. the man in charge crushed the hearing aid .

he said he would send it off to be repaired. we ,myself and my daughter, keep calling. they keep telling us it will be in friday. they never call to tell us anything.

my mother is 91 years old she needs it despartly to hear. i think they are trying to hurt me for calling so much. if they would return my phone calls with an update i would not have to call. so if someone is thinking of dealing with these people.

you better think twice. they do spitework.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Test.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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It appears that Miracle-Ear monitors this blog, and perhaps other similar type consumer websites, which reflects they are very interested in protection the reputation of their Company. This is an excellent service and I strongly recommend you contact them for their help.I am confident you will be satisfied.


It's not out of spite what they are doing.

Because the franchise owner is on a Credit Hold, they ---MEMSI, will not release the hearing aid back to the store until the Franchise owner pays for it.

Of course the consumer affairs dept will not tell you this but it is done all the time. I use to work for them, I know how they operate

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