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Bought new ones after I was told mine were out of date and couldn't be fixed. The new ones were state of the art.

At first it took three trips back to the lad to fix a defect. They just kept cleaning them and sending them back. I wan't supposed to know that. QAter weekly and semi-weekly visits to adjust them I was told that I would have to get used to the whistling and clickinging my ears because of my hearing lose.

Moved away went to the local M. E. No problem, let us do a test and we'll take care of it. Was told they sold me the wrong hearing aid but we can fix it.

A Few minutes later I was signing another contract for $4600. Did it work. no, Still had the squealing. Plus they gave me behind the ear aids (Hate) Kept telling them I didn't want them.

LET US TRY THIS, went on until I couldn't get my money back. Was told I had to buy new glasses because they interfered with the aid. They even made an aid the size of a silver dollar to try. Told me they were losing money on me.

No mention of my $8000. Got close with an in the ear set and they changed techs. He undid all the progress made. A couple of times after adjustments I couldn't be in the yard in a lawnmower was running in the neighborhood.

They are the best they have ever been but he insert was changed and I have to keep pushing it bake in my ear several time a day was told it was the best they can do. Funny it didn't happen before. I now do not much clicking or can turn it off, but have trouble hearing low tones especially men. My loss in high pitch, no problem there.

The tv in the other room sound like Mickey Mouse. Been told several times that I need a hearing aid. All by men and lower tone women. The squeaky come through loud and clear.

I see there commercials and get furious. As a senior citizen I believe the should be a law against company like miracle ear. To only thing about Miracle Ear I feel good about is that I Make sure the anyone who mentions a hearing aid is given a thumbs down. Withe the comment, They are like carnies "let me tell you what i'm going to do for you" Take your money an apparently now know what they are doing after that.

This is greatly condensed, I spent 2 plus years, sometime week after week going back.

won't go back now afraid of what could happen. $8000 of mediocre equipment.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Miracle Ear Pros: Trie.

Miracle Ear Cons: People lying to me, Hearing aides.

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