Cincinnati, Ohio

My husband went to miracle ear to look into purchasing new aids. The technician told my husband that he had to have a large aid.

He's always did fine with the smaller in ear aid. We had 30 days to return them which he was not satisified with them at all. My husband was out of town and I took them back to return them for him. The tech told me I could not return them for him he had to do it his self.

I said cant we call him for him to give you his okay because the 30 days would have been up by the time he came back, the tech said no. The last time my husband went to get them checked the gentleman told him it wasnt anything he could do to help him because his hearing had changed that was within a few months after getting them.

He's had them one year and they are garbage and we would not recommend them to anyone. Miracle Ear is a total scam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Monetary Loss: $5700.

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We are in the same position. These are just a few months old and of course too late to return even though I tried to prior to the absolute last date to get money back.

They moved the appointment to a later date. My mom is 85 years old and used her entire savings of $6000.00 to buy these. They are sitting in a box at my house. This company is terrible to do that to anyone, especially the elderly.

She hears very well without them.

I talk to her on the phone and never have to raise my voice or repeat myself. They sold her something she didn't even need after advertising $800.00, they cheated her for $6000.00


I would suggest you contact the state of Ohio attorney general's office and file a complaint, they will be able to assist you.


Miracle-Ears nationwide policy is ONE year (13 months really) to do a model change on any hearing aid. You also have a lifetime of free in office service and programming.

If you're having an issue with one office, there are over 1200 nationwide. I'm sure there has to be another specialist that would be happy to help you.

Depending on the model of hearing aids, they can be reprogrammed if the hearing has changed. Almost all M-E aids are reprogrammable.

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