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My 98 year old mother, a long time Miracle Ear customer, bought a new hearing aide to compensate for her increasing hearing loss. The first appointment she went to, I was not with her, but an aunt accompanied her.

My mother previously had the in the ear, canal, type aide, and that is what she wanted to replace the old one however the sales person persuaded her to get the newer, behind the ear type which she was never able to get used to and never worked properly even after numerous visits to re-program it. To make a very long story short, after 12 visits to the Miracle Ear shop, for readjustments, exchanging a faulty aide for another one, and then adjusting that one and then finally getting an in the ear model like she wanted initially, they told us that they, the owner, had filled out the paperwork incorrectly and that we would have to have my mother exchange the one she has for another one, just like it only a newer model. That would be the 13th visit to the store to do that. Well, we made the appointment to exchange the aides when my mother told me that the new hearing aide had died and that a small piece had fallen out of it and that she is now wearing her original "old" hearing aide that was replaced several months ago.

So, now we will go in sooner than planned to get this newer model hearing aide since the one she has now is not working.

The entire ordeal has been completely frustrating from all that was mentioned above to the long waits in the waiting room each time we were there at out scheduled time to the somewhat impatience shown and unprofessional demeaner presented by the owner. Very unsatisfied over-all and would not recommend this place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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