1088 W Riverdale Rd, Riverdale, UT 84405, USA
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I am having a horrible experience with the Riverdale, Utah franchise. The manager there is Todd Kelson.

He is the proverbial used car salesman. I ordered aids but a week later I realized I couldn't afford them. I am 69 years old on a fixed income. When I tried to cancel the order he told me I owe him $568.50 for "professional services".

I never had the hearing aids. They were never programmed or fitted to me. I went in for a free hearing test and evaluation. How can I possibly owe him $568.50 for professional fees.

I wish the corporate office of Miracle-Ear would check into this. I am going to keep telling everyone what it's like to deal with them. They haven't heard the end of this....

I may end up in small claims court to remedy this, but believe me it won't be done quietly!!!! Again, his name is Todd Kelson located in Riverdale, Utah.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Test.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I didnt do enough research when I got my 89 yr old mother a pair of miracle hearing aids. My mother cant put them in herself.

We want to look at other (and cheaper) alternatives. I can tell the salesman is not going to let us return them w/o a fight. He's just like that. I feel after reading these complaints that I made a BIG mistake.

The aids were ridiculously expensive ($8000!!), and I now know we got scammed. HELP!!!!


As a former "Used Car Salesman" I take offense.

You say that you ordered something that you can't afford?

You may be retired with plenty of time on your hands, but please don't waste the time of the working public.

You're 69 years old. By now you should be able to smell a rat.

to Ralph 123 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1318765

He smelled a rat and is reporting it. A little sensitive about your former occupation I see.

to Ralph 123 #1435083

yes you are one

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1268268

I would guess that since you didn't buy their product after your "free" evaluation, etc. they now want to charge you for the "free" tests, etc.

They are attempting to cover their costs for that "free" evaluation. Don't pay them, of course.

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