Checked out a few other places first. But too high priced.

Went to Miracle Ear in UC,Tx to try theirs out. Was ok, but had a lot of trouble hearing my cellphone, kept cutting out on me, it was so irritating. I had 30 days to decide, and was convinced this was the way to go....mistake! Was told my HMO was all mailorder, and would not compare....mistake!

My insurance has a office here and did all adjustments on site. Word to the wise, don't believe what any salesman tells you, they are "in sales", check your ins. for assistance. Instead of $5,700 for Miracle Ear,I paid $660 for HealthInnovations aids, through my insurance for a equal product.

I even had 70 days to try out the aides. I had even more time to compare the two, and ....chose the latter.

A better choice. KO

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Because I am able to inform others..

Miracle Ear Pros: Convienient location, Personal attention.

Miracle Ear Cons: Speed to proceed, Forgot these are salespeople first, Forgot that these are salespeople first.

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I have a pair of free "Listening Ears". They're called "Hands".


Now, I have been turned over to Qualia Collection Service, so Allegro Credit can recover the payment that they made to Miracle Ear, for their...not as promised...product. This has been a very troubling experience.

I hold Miracle Ear responsible, their "salesman" Josh, in this case, works on commission, so he got his, and Miracle Ear, got their overpriced product dollars....so they can't..won't take the unsatisfactory product back. Bad Miracle Ear, this will be "bad" for business.

to Katherine Ohnesorge #1390098

Miracle Ear Company is such a big concern, they process quickly, before the consumer can think this major purchase through. I recognized my mistake, after I was assured these aides would work with my phone....never happened.

The salesman in Universal City, Tx, could not satisfy my need, so now, everyday Qualia, the Miracle Ear collection company calls trying to settle that deal. I am happy with my Health Innovations still, and they work with my same phone, and at 1/10 the cost.

I cannot say this enough....don't believe all these salesmen tell you, check all offerings before any final decision. There is a lot of $$$$ involved with Miracle Ear, and there are more reasonable choices.

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