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No one can help you if you need service outside North America -- if you're a world traveller, just throw the thing away. ME is also drastically overpriced.

The franchisee who sold me mine assumed I wouldn't have any worsening of my hearing -- indeed, that was a selling point ("a hearing aid will keep your hearing from getting worse ..."). Just 16 months later my hearing has diminished beyond the range of this ME aid.

Unlike other brands (as I have now belatedly learned) the receivers can't be swapped out to increase its range. I will now throw away that $2442 spent on ME, get a good respected brand that offers worldwide servicing (including adjusting to worse hearing) for literally less than half the money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Monetary Loss: $2442.

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Sorry you've been misinformed about the receivers on your miracle ear hearing aid. The receivers can indeed be switched very easily and will also be covered under warranty for the first three years if purchased after 2010.

With 1200 locations nationwide, you can visit a different location and your hearing aid can be serviced at no charge for the life of the aid. Depending on which location you visit, some specialists will give you the spare parts to change your receivers if you travel outside of the country. A remote control may also be a good option for you, that way you can do some basic "programming" on your own without needing to visit an office.

Good luck. Hopefully this information helps and you don't give up too soon.

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