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I bought new ones a few month ago, and it has been a mess. can't get them sized right, can't stop the screaming noises in my ears.

takes 2 aids to hear almost as well as with my old one. I just got the right one back after getting a drain slot put in. were they asleep? they put it in the bottom of the hearing aid.

I need it at the top and it would have to be so much wider to do any good even if it was in the right place. they are also wayyyyyy to long and make my ear so sore. So I guess I will be making payments on this crap for 5 years and wearing my old one. I hate salesmen.

they are such liars! he said these would be better. they are not!

I get more volume from my one old one that both of these, and I am sick of hearing it is because of how severe my hearing loss is. duhhhhh The old one helps my loss!

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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