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My 91 year old mom was sold a Miracle-ear device for over $4,500.00 in Florida. She returned to their shop numerous times complaining that it didn't seem to fit properly.

She moved up to NY and was still having problems with it. She went to a Miracle-ear here in New York and the specialist told her that her ear-canals are too small for even their smallest device to fit into. The people in Florida sold her a bill of goods that didn't work properly for her in the first place. Of course, the time for returning had elapsed and they now have her money.

Obviously, it should have never been sold to her. I'm having it litigated right now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Me 5300 Hearing Aids.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The miracle ear in ny should be able to fix her aids. No one's ears are too small. The model is wrong for her.

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