The miracle-ear offer I received in the mail promises to give a $20 gasoline gift card, "...just for coming in to see us!" ...and, "...after completion of a hearing test". What the offer does not reveal is that it is unlikely they will do the test on the same day.

They look to see if there is any accumulation of ear wax (most people have some) and then advise you to go and get that problem solved before returning for the hearing exam. I was also informed that their hearing aid will cost in the range of $2000 - $8000 and that, if I am not prepared to pay, there is no point in my returning for the test. No completion of the test, no $20 " gift" card. Clever strategy!

They are only willing to give $20 gasoline to someone who is likely to spend $2000-$8000! Their hearing aids are very overpriced, and from reviews I have read, their product support and reliability is terrible as well!

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Test.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #993875

maybe you should not be going around town looking for free gifts when it takes time away from patients that really need the help with there hearing


The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) REQUIRES any hearing test be conducted after looking in the ear to check for deformity, colapsed ear canal, obstruction or Cerumen (ear wax), sometimes the wax can be removed in their office, MOST will NOT do that if the patient is taking blood thinners, instead they will send you home with an ear wax removal kit and reschedule an appointment a few days later. As for the gas card, this is 2015, there is no free lunch. It's a business, they are in business to make $, of course they are trying to sell you hearing aids if you need them.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #880760

Just to let you know, Anyone that test's your hearing with impact wax is going against FDA regulations. Not taking up for the hearing aid dealer but that is the proper procedure. If you were getting a free gift for taking a test and you were tested and did not get the gift complain to the owner!


This isn't the case in all offices. Sorry you had a negative experience.

It gives the good specialists, like myself, a bad name.

Good luck with taking care of your hearing healthcare needs. Some Miracle-Ear offices actually genuinely care about their patients.

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