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Hayward, CA -Scam facility. John Keeler is his name and it has been so obvious after taking my 93 year old Father there that these people target the elderly to rip them off on price.

($6,000.00) 3 years ago. Costco sells the same ones for $1800.00 John's canned speech and routine is, after sticking this wand looking device into his ear that is hooked up to his monitor "there's little wax in the ear, but nothing to worry about, proceeds to take them off go into the back room, comes back in 3 min. later and say t was the batteries they are fine now. At that point I threw down the results from his Ear Doctor 2 days past that showed they did not work and the amount of wax that came out of his ear was Unbelievable.

He wanted to know WHO told him there was little Wax. They are really Scammers and I intend on doing something about these idiots. 3 Months before they called and wanted him in because some Sales guy was in town and wanted to see some people. He does this verbal, repeat after me test and my Father failed about 90% of it.

He then brings out the latest and greatest *** that will solve his problems. Extremely expensive of course. I proceeded to ask him to put these new ones in so I can see the difference. YOU GUESSED IT!!!

There was absolutely NO difference other than paying well over $10,000.00. They WILL charge you what the market will bear.

Stay away from these Scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He canned

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Test.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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