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Was told my 79 year old dad really needs hearing aids because not taking care of the problem will make him MORE prone to getting Alzheimer's or Dementia. The sales person stated as time goes by with elderly people with hearing issues who do not get fitted with a hearing aids, it makes them more prone than usual for them to develop Alzheimer's.

He went on to say how the brain will eventually stop transmitting hearing to their brain and this makes them more likely to get Alzheimer's. Asked two doctors about this and they never heard of this, and stated how if it was true, then all deaf people should have Alzheimer's. They also started with an insane price of $9,500. After learning his insurance would not cover any of it, he said he could *** $2,000, and he could finance the rest.

Makes one wonder about the RIDICULOUS mark up they have on their products. We will look elsewhere, but their insane prices, and blatant lies should make others stay away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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