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Was called about coming in for my checkups , everytime i went in candice wanted to send one out for couple hundred dollars, the last time i saw her i told her about the little window being broken off on the back of the battery door and she said that was alright even tho it was a hassel every day keeping the battery door in the aid went for year and half like this until i went into a hearing aid place i was close by and they put new doors in my ear free and now they dont fall out of my aid and i hear much better so what candice said wasnt true i did need them to be fixed ,. then found out later that they have the doors to the aids where candice is at park mall tucson az but she didnt tell me she did or offer to replace for me to have better hearing i did send one of mine off with her to have cleaned i guess been so long it was for something tho for a price.

now that one the hearing button doesnt work but is like on the lowest tone it needs to be fixed and i feel because of it not working so long and wasnt offered the doors from the place i purchased them and went for so long without the proper doors for them that miracle ear should fix the one the buttom doesnt work any more. i called joel at 520 327 0882 in tucson for help and he said come to see me on the following sat then when i called to confirm the appt as he couldnt understand the problem or know what the battery door and window was on the aid . then i called steve rienshuttle in texas trying to get someone else to listen he said he only handled tx and fla so he suggested me calling consumer affairs so i did , the other right ear is fine and hear well then i get letters wanting to give me 2000 off a new aid 3 years later i dont have 4 ooo to spend every 3 years for a hearing aid or anything else for that matter the right one is doing fine , but for whatever i sent the left one off for i wonder now since shortrly after that the button quit working since i need both to work well what can you do to help me get the button fixed on the left ear aid. the last two years i havent been able to get out much as taking care of my 98 year old mother .

So, I've filed my complaint. When do I get a respnose???? Thank you, June Lloyd 520-886-2233 or 2121 S.

Pantano Rd #199 Tucson, AZ 85710. Seems when I file these reports nothing really gets accomplished.

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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