Refund policy,

My father bought two hearing aids and was told he could retun them for a full

refund if he did not like the way they worked. Theyod him he had 60 days to

do this in.

He went in a couple of times to have them adjusted and after that he retured

them for hi refundl.

Frist he was told he would receive it in two weeks. That time went by and he

cald them again nd was told it would take a month. That two has gone by.

When do you Plan to RETURN HIS MONEY!q??????????

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Everett, Washington, United States #1278785

Hopefully he has received back his money. there quick to take your money but when they seem not to work for you it's like taking blood from a rock. I would love to know the outcome.

Mount Ephraim, New Jersey, United States #732845

I also bought a set of hearing aids made by seimens and they were almost impossible to insert plus they had to be cleaned daily. I After only a few days I tried to return them and I was told they were not returnable.

Finally the person that sold them to me said he would have to keep $70.00 because of a fitting charge which was never done.

I wrote a nasty review to the BBB and after a couple days he relented and gave me a full refund. The company is a farce and you should deal with a reliable honest company.


In my state it cost less than $20 to file a small claim with the state. Also the State Attorney General's Office will file unlawful advertising action with a written complaint.


These people are ripping you off and taking your money. Please go to a Doctor of Audiology, they have 8 years of education and are the best trained to take care of your hearing.

To be a hearing aid dispense in most states you need to have only a high school diploma, no STD'S and pass a basic test. Why would you trust your hearing with these *** artistes? Would you go to a some random person to rehab your vision or a knee?

NO, these people do not care for your hearing healthcare. Doctors of Audiology or Audiologists will find the right options the first time and save you thousands of dollars.


I support your concern for the full refund as these are health related devices. they need to be sold/advised with full responsibility of the audiologist. If audiologist not able to give any relief by means of tuning the device then this should be reported to the company manufacturer as they are also adding to the misery indirectly.


report him to the state

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