Salt Lake City, Utah

In Lynnwood office near Seattle, Wa. the technician is unable to program my MiracleEars They continually beep unless I turn it down so low that I can`t hear.

I bough my pair of Miracle ears in Yuma, Az. the technician there was able to make them very comfortable for me.

We are snowbirds and when I am in Washington, I am unable to have any problems solved.

Please see if you can teach people in the Lynnwood office to adjust the MiracleEar. I know they work if the technician can do her job correctly.

Thank you for your help.

John R. Moser

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Hearing Aids.

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Miracle Ear in Lexington KY is LOUSY. I have to have the Left aid serviced on a weekly basis.

The ear mold has never fit properly, and I get the same reply each week. RETURN.


John, I would suggest that you go further south and visit a different office. I live in Washington as well, the Olympia (well i guess it would be in Lacey) store is just wonderful. good luck!

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