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They rana special ad in the paper " free hearing test"/ l was told l had a severe hearing loss in upper registers. so they recommended a $4000 hearing aid.

l was told if l was not happy l could get my money back by a first time new employee. l was never happy with them, couldn't hear any better etc...

l went back after a 4 month struggle with them and said l was not happy l want my money back.

Was told by the manager l WOULD NEVER GET MY MONEY BACK!

Watch out for these "salesmen" they get you to sign on with a health care credit card "Care Credit" and then you must pay!

Review about: Miracle Ear Hearing Test.

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I'm going there, these type of comment is why I check. I hate ripoff commission based companies


I am not familiar with the specificlaws pertaining to the dispensing (sale) of hearing aids in either Idaho or Indiana, but in the state of California there are very strict rules and regulations, including actions that are considered a felony.

I would check with the Consumer Affairs or Consumer Protection in either State, and I would also consider action in a Small Claims Court, which I am sure both States provide.

No State tolerates or condones unethical or illegal practices, especially in the sale of hearing aids.

The secret is, don't give up and take whatever action you have to in order to be treated the way you feel you should have been.

Usually, all of us knows the differences between right and wrong, and whats ethical and fair.


I took my mother to Miracle Ear as she does need aides. She is on a fixed income.

The salesman told us there is a 30-Day return policy. When my mom realized the monthly cost was out of her budget,we returned them after just 2 weeks of use. She had to pay $400.00 up front to get out of the contract!!Her monthly income is around $600.00. When she signed the contract,we were so excited about her hearing and the salesman never spoke of the fee for setting up the hearing aides that we never saw this fee.

So now my mom is still hard of hearing and out $400.00 and they will not give her the hearing results either. Shame on Miracle Ear.Preying on the weakness of others.

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