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I had worn one aid for 11 years from another company and really liked it.I saw an ad from Miracle Ear for buy one and get one free.

After my hearing test, was told that I would not like those aids, instead was talked into buying a much more expensive pair. For the last 3 years, my wife and I have had a life of frustration and anxiety. These aids are junk. I have had one adjustment after another with no improvement.

They were sent to the manufacturer - still with no better results.Of course, now they want to sell me another pair of new and improved - I have spent 3 years without hearing and a lot of aggravation - insane

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paid over 6 grand for thes "Top Of The Line" aids and cannot get the service or insurance benefits they quoted me. Miracle Ear...look out I see a lawyer in my future! :( :(


Did anyone receive a refund? And if yes, how?

to DEb #637520

you have to get the main office and your credit card holder behind you


I am so upset that Miracle Ear has riped off my elderley Aunt.She is 88 years old and lives on social security.

I try to look out for her but she lives in Texas and i'm in Colorado. She paid $4000.00 for aids that did not work and they would not give her money back only four months later they told her just hang on a little while longer ,you have to get used to them... I am so mad I can hardley stand it.

How can someone take advantage of the elderley like that????P.M.


I was not impressed with the way my franchise was treating people and I had to separate myself and start my own company to keep my name in good standing within my community. I find it very difficult to recommend Miracle Ear to anyone. I have seen patients not receive refunds for 6 months to a YEAR! I personally was sued twice because of their refund policies and not giving people their money back. Both cases were thrown out, thankfully.

NOW, the most important facet of correcting your hearing loss is to make sure you have a cood base of communication with your dispenser. Remember, your hearing is something unique ONLY TO YOU, and you look at sount like no-one else does. Your dispenser needs to be able find common words that you both agree on to describe what you are experiencing so the he/she can most adequately adjust. Oscar Wilde once said, "Talking music is like dancing out poetry." It is very difficult, but with a good relationship and effective communication most hearing aids, regardless of price can be tuned to comfortably help.

I did not write this to be a commercial, so I am not going to leave and info on my company.

We service our products and do all of our testing in-home for the patient. That way we get the OVERALL picture of the patient's life and can better identify the patient's specific desires and needs. With the old business model of having a central office and making the client come to you is going to be obsolete soon....

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Just after the warranty one aid quit.The other one had the plastic shatter into pieces and it came apart.

Went to ME and they said $350 to fix the 1st one to die, but 2nd one no hope. Plastic was real cheap. There are plastics that don't shatter like a struck light bulb. I super glued the shattered unit back together and it worked well.

Then it quit 2 months later. I agree they are junk...and I paid $5000 for both units 3 yrs ago. Horrid rip off. I know no HA can make u hear as if you had 2 good ears.

So now that I am in the VA, my doc is sending me to get 2 free ones. I know the units are made by Siemens bcuz the remote changes my pal's Siemens units. He paid $900 for his and they are EXACTLY like mine.

I was ripped off big time.My branch of ME is at Sears in Superstition Mall, Mesa, Arizona.


don't send your dad off to buy the cheapest hearing aid.buying an online hearing aid is the absolute worst thing you could do for him.

i'm not saying spend an arm and a leg, but don't find the cheapest thing and send your dad after it.

If he gets something that doesn't work and there is no one there to help him with it then you will have turned him off to helping himself.I bought an online hearing aid before I knew any better, what a waste of $100.


All I can say is that I apologize for your frustration.If you want to take some action, I would suggest that you call another service location in your area.

Discuss what issues you have been going through, and see if they can manage your problems. If that doesn't help, I would definately suggest that you contact Miracle Ear Consumer Relations, bring it to their attention. It sounds to me like you need to get your hearing retested (to see if there has been any change) and then readjust and respeech map the hearing aid. If there is another service location in your area, then I would definitely suggest going there for an appointment.

I'm so sorry for your frustration. Just be honest, don't say that things are fine if you're unhappy. Get in there and make them fix it.

Just a not: It is true what "common cents" wrote, if you let your hearing go too long with out getting a hearing aid or if you have a very sever problem or poor speech understanding, than even a hearing aid will not bring you to the hearing that you seem to expect (that doesn't matter who's hearing aids you bought).Hope this was helpful.


Did you know that your nerve center for hearing is an extensive organ that cannot be replaced to be 100%. Thus also why it is called a hearing "AID". Maybe you are just a lot worse than you used to be and cannot come to terms with being more disabled than before.


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

On Sept. 3,2009 I paid $1200.00 for a hearing aid at Sears, Northwoods, Chas. SC Today is the 18th and I haven't got my hearing aid yet...excuses everyday!!!

I want my money back so I can go and get a hearing aid.....I need it NOW

843-568-1021 my phone number.

Ralph Thomas, Charleston, SC

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