I received a limited promo which I misplaced. When I found it - for a $20 gift card, I SPECIFICALLY ASKED if I could get it. When I went in for apt, they told me I could not get it as 1) it expired, AND 2) I did not bring a sig other. When they asked on the phone I said I lived alone w/ no adult child & was insulted that they thought I was too senile to bring myself in. They said it was just to test familiar voice. Before hanging up I again askwd about promo & they said I could get. Now saying I MAY get the. Gift card & if not to call & they would SEE.



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Detroit, Michigan, United States #832976

First of all, you should pay attention to expiration dates

Second, don't waste their time when all you want is the gift card

Third is says right on the mailer that HAVE to bring someone with you... there is no getting around that!

Fourth and most importantly, don't be offended that they asked if someone could come with you. They obviously tried to explain to you how the gift card deal worked.

to Ear2theGround Rochester, New York, United States #904901

They have you bring someone in with you so you both can be pressured into purchasing the hearing aids.otherwise if you come by yourself you tell them you need to go home and speak with so n so they know you usualky don't come back...familiar voice test ha

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