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I was solicited by Miracle Ear ( again, after being screened 2 1/2 years prior) for a FREE Screening at their AVE U Brooklyn Office. I also scheduled a screening appointment for my boyfriend who had no previous experience with Miracle ear.The EXTENSIVE paperwork we filled out had the hallmarks of a less than subliminal attempt to coerce us into purchasing their hearing aid.

The intention of our our visit was simply WHAT WAS OFFERED ..a FREE screening.!!! Neither of us, during the time in the office was offered that screening. Instead, the intention was to pressure me into "doing something about my hearing problem which I was informed was 5 decibels below a severe hearing loss ( so they claimed!) 2 1/2years ago. I reiterated, I was there to see if the loss had escalated .

I was told it was unlikely and was I ready to do something about my alleged hearing loss.. whose diagnosis I was already suspicious about!! I was a accused of not taking care of myself if I was not ready to move forward with a resolve with their resolve..I inquired if their device was covered by our insurance and was informed it was not. I felt my self becoming more and more uncomfortable with both interviewers..again no mention of providing the service that was offered in their solicitation of me!!I I was accused of " NEGLECTING MY HEATH" by not committing to purchasing their product.

I am a retired Pharmacist, working very diligently in maintaining my overall health , which is excellent and I am being judged and cajoled by this audiologist who, herself was excessively overweight.( I did share this with my boyfriend as we left the office and was accused of being rude!!) I felt like I was in a used car dealership hustle!! Firstly we were never offered the service promised!Secondly, no alternative resolve for their very expensive device was offered..ie. Check with your health care insurers who may provide audiology screening and hearing devices if needed!!

( That was indeed, the case) DO NOT GET TAKEN IN BY THIS COMPANY.. They are unprofessional scammers in white coats, whose concern for profit exceed concern for patient well being!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Miracle Ear Customer Care.

Reason of review: Unprofessional, Service solicited for was not offered of given..

Preferred solution: I was already contacted by the Regional Manager with no satisfaction. I am requesting my name be removed from your contacts and I am not to be solicited again.I will certainly share this "enlightening" experience with my colleagues!!.

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Just got an add thru snailmail with my address and my dad's name on it! This company is stealing our info on the web like everyone else is doing. Bad policy, bad leadership, bad practice, bad customer relations.


I went with my husband and felt intense unpleasant pressure to buy -- same kind of tag team behaviour seen at used car lots.


My husband went in the sales lady and Dr tag teamed to try and sell my husband a $9000.00 pair of their hearing aids told him his insurance did not pay .He said he would think about it ..And he called the insurance company did pay 80% they lied to him period and because he's older tred to sell him gearing aids for a rip off price they need to go undercover to expose this ....

to Oldnotdumb #1674193

They kind of did something similar to me with the insurance. They just never filed with my insurance and put the total cost onto the financing my mom had to apply for to try and I guess get the full amount from us?

I have no idea why. It makes no sense.


Thank you very much for the information. Prevented me from yet another scam in the hearing industry. Should be investigated.


Agreed, I too felt like I was coheresed into buying hearing aids based on heresay about hearing loss leading to dementia and early onset of memory loss. Scammed beyond belief and now I have $5000 hearing aids I cannot use

to Snneff #1690417

It is not heresay that hearing loss leads to dementia and early onset memory loss. Hearing loss affects not only hearing, but also the brain's ability to process and understand

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