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If a customer belongs to the Miracle Ear Ambassador club, then repairs on a digital in the ear hearing aid only costs $350. If you don't belong to their "club" repairs are double that for the first 6 months of being a club member. The consumer does get the other $350 back on their credit card after the first 6 months are over with. Why does any one have to be a member of any club just to get a decent price on repairs to the hearing aid?! Sales tactics at their "best". When does ripping off the elderly and the handicapped on low income... Read more

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I did not realize that my moodiness and depression were a result of not hearing well. At my first test I remember them saying a person needs to hear noise for stimulation to the brain. The first time was a little alarming due to the loudness and hearing things I had not heard for years. It is like I am alive now and I no longer have the depression or moodiness. My TV volume used to be on 39 and now it is set on 19. I would not want to return to reading lips and bad hearing. Read more

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I just paid off a 950.00 bill from miracle ear that was a unknown restocking fee after I returned my hearing aid that did not work. I was never told of a restocking fee until I returned them. Now every time I pay a bill I write on the back of the envelope with a red sharpie Miracle ear sucks, they ripped me off and they will you to. I don't know how many people see it but I know several do. Just makes me fell better. By the way the miracle ear center I went to was in Bossier City La. Read more

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Miracle only wants your money. They tried to get me to buy hearing aids that had to be lubricated just to get them into my ears, then they hurt just to keep them in my ears. This come on about wax in your ears is only a bait to get you to go into Miracle Ear --- then comes the high pressure sales. Miracle Ear will promise all kinds of promotional adds to get you into their store so they can fleece you. Ask some of your friends about what kind of experience they had with Miracle Ear. Remember their game is BAIT and SWITCH. Read more

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This company is all about the “free” gifts to get you to come in for a free hearing test and then the hard sell on hearing aids. Unfortunately, the bait and switch tactic is alive and well with them. I got a promotional packet from them in the mail. I was suppose to get a free Honeybaked Ham certificate and a set of TV Ears for coming in for my free test. I made my appointment, went in, took the test and sat through the spiel for very expensive hearing aids. I declined because of the price and then tried to get my free gifts. First it was I... Read more

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My son went to get new hearing aids and Dr.Nabeel did fraud to him, Dr. Owns sugar land tx location.He told us different price and got sign on different agreement.He is fraud and trap innocent deaf persons. Please don't go there. New hearing aid which we bought not working. Add comment

Miracle Ear hearing aids are a brand name made by Rexton, which was a Siemens company until it was recently sold. Amplifon owns the Miracle Ear name and contracts with Rexton to build their products and develop software. Most states offer a 30 or 45 day refund. Be sure to get in righting the day the instruments can be returned for a refund if you are not satisfied. My opinion is to try an independent hearing aid professional that has all major manufactures to chose from. There is only 6 major company's that manufacture hearing aids. They are:... Read more

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Went in for a free exam. Of course it showed hearing loss. I am sure the exam can be manipulated to show damage. I had no idea this could be done. And since I was having a little trouble hearing in groups I went ahead and bought the Miracle Ear aids. After buying the Miracle Ear aids, had ears tested again at another hearing office. That test found I did not need hearing aids. Went in several times to Miracle Ear for adjustments. Couldn't get it right since I didn't need the hearing aids in the first place. Contacted Miracle Ear after the... Read more

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I purchased small in ear with antenna hearing aid. Both of them have broken in the last month. I bought them in July of 2014. I had them serviced every 3 months while they were under its 1 year warranty. Unfortunately there was no extended warranty offered on my model. Fast forward a year and a half and both do not work. Had one spent to the manufacturer for repairs which cost me $280. Now I have to get the second one serviced as well. I am very disappointed with the product. Unfortunately I have to find a way to pay for the repairs... Read more

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I purchased a pair of top of the line aids at a cost of $6,500.00 for the pair after a $2,000.00 trade in of the old ones. Had trouble from the start with them kicking out with a loud noise. Like keys dropping, plates being stacked in the cupboard, sneezing. They replaced them twice and one still does it. The sound also gets quiet and then goes back to what is what I consider normal and then go quiet again over and over. I was told that was normal and they couldn't do any thing to stop it. I think a manufacture if aids would make the aid... Read more

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