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When I dropped $6500 for Miracle Ear hearing aids, I was told "This is state of the art, the only hearing aid you will ever need." Well, it didn't solve my problem, never has never will. The problem is, I can't hear in meetings, and I go to a lot of meetings because of my work and community involvement. In two years, I have had to deal with 4 different technicians. Their turnover is worse that... Read more

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I saw a ad in the news paper about a 45 day free trial & $895 off of one. I was fitted for a pair of all in the ear aids, at a cost of $1992.50 each total of $3885.00, they wanted a down payment, so I gave them $100. After the 45 days, I returned the hearing aids 12/8/2015 and I'm still 1/5/2016; for the return of my down payment of $100.00 The hearing aids help to my satisfaction, they were... Read more

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Wife went to Miracle Ear to get hearing aids clean. Wen she got home she notice that the left hearing aid wasn't working. She called back to the office the next day and the receptionist told my wife the he was not available at that time and she would have him call later. Two days passed and n o call. Then the receptionist call my wife and asked if she had gotten a call back and my wife said... Read more

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I have never been able to hear properly with Miracle Ear hearing aids. Have had them adjusted many many times with no luck. I cannot hear anyone unless we are in a quiet area and only a few feet apart. These were the best you had three years ago, and I have never been able to hear. You have new ones coming on the market, but not sure I can chance them again. My husband is on Hospice at home... Read more

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the hearing air dispenser was clueless. the conditions for the hearing test were awful and i doubt one could get an accurate result of the test when i asked questions he would change what he told me previously for an accurate hearing test one should go to an audilogist i think miracle ear just want to sell hearing aids wether they sell the right one to the patient or not i was told by an... Read more

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I got a set of hearing aids from the miracle ear foundation and they quit working in about 6 months! I am on social security and as soon as they quit working they want $400 each to fix them! what the ***? Sure am glad I didnt have the money to buy a set! They are junk! I bought some used ones off of ebay that work better than miracle ear ones! I have worn hearing aids for several years and... Read more

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I am 76 years old and I Just picked up my new hearing aids (2) from Miracle Ear in North Lad Vegas. It's great to hear again like when I was a kid. Now if I COULD JUST KEEP MY WIFE QUIET. Trying to get used to hearing all the normal sounds around me but it is getting better the longer I wear them. Have to adjust them when I go outside because they pick up all the vehicle and wind noise. Great... Read more

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you will only see a hearing aid dispenser not audiologist like i was told i would see he has a planned speech and is more interested in that then you as a patient did not care about my history and did not finish the test because he said i had wax in one ear that happens to be the ear that i hear well from i do not know why he could not test my bad ear was to get $15 gift card for shopping for... Read more

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I am VERY Mad! I read an advertisement in the paper and read that retirees could get hearing aids for $895. I am in very big need of them and have been for at least 20 years. I am 66 years old and live on social security. I was advised that my wife go to the hearing test with me which was Friday 10-20-15. The man talking about the hearing test results and explaining them to me seemed very... Read more

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Bloomington IN They called and said my elderly father's insurance would cover 100% and he could come in and pick them up the next day, on a Saturday They asked for a back up for the insurance card, said they'd been ripped off twice, and he gave it to them only to find out they charged his credit card that same day. I wasn't able to go with him that day or I would've said just wait then until... Read more

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